Chris Hill| 2月24日2017

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is touting the accomplishments over the first year of the passage of theRhodeWorks transportation legislation.

RhodeWorks is a $4.7 billion investment program spanning 10 years aimed at improving the state's overall transportation system,but specifically to vastly update its bridges.

"When we took office,Rhode Island had the worst bridges of any state in America.So we got to work,"Gov.吉娜Raimondo说。"We came up with a plan that allows us to fix more than 150 structurally deficient bridges in Rhode Island,和另一个500座桥梁进行维修以防止变得不足。今天,建筑业是重建罗德岛回来工作。”"

RIDOT Director Peter Alviti Jr.says the agency is"激光侧重于建立最好的点。”"

"我们现在有一个部门能够满足这些期望和交付高质量的交通系统纳税人指望我们交付,"he says.

Below are a few of the"key highlights"今年RIDOTS成就:


"In the past year,RIDOT issued $174 million worth of construction contracts,比前一年高出6000万美元和7400万美元超过2014人。RIDOT is on track this year to issue more than $200 in construction contracts.通过RhodeWorks以来,RIDOT has issued notices to proceed for 48 projects,which include repairs for 30 bridges.Construction Jobs – With the close of 2016,罗德岛已经增加了800个建筑工作。”"


"RIDOT adopted unprecedented accountability measures,包括超过200的安装责任迹象在所有的项目,让公众知道,项目成本和进度,as well as whether the project was on time and on budget.RIDOT also published a full year of quarterly report submissions,可以发现在其网站上吗www.ridot.net/accountability.这些措施使RIDOT更向公众问责和本身。”"

6-10 Interchange

"坐在画板后超过30年,the replacement for the badly deteriorated and structurally deficient network of bridges at the Route 6-10 interchange in Providence is finally moving forward.RIDOT has initiated a request-for-qualifications (RFQ) process to solicit bids from construction companies to design and rebuild the badly deteriorated and structurally deficient network of bridges at the Route 6-10 interchange in Providence.通过RhodeWorks,4亿美元可用来取代九交换的桥梁。Seven of these bridges are structurally deficient,many held up with temporary supports that were erected so long ago,他们也需要修理。RIDOT anticipates construction to begin in the fall of 2017.""


"联邦高速公路管理局和联邦运输管理局批准RIDOT 10年期交通规划——罗德岛的第一,这是全国仅有的四个州采取这样一个长期计划。该计划将每年更新;亚博电竞官方网站最初的更新正在进行中。”"


"RIDOT继续看到“软成本”项目支出的比例减少。Soft costs include oversight and consulting costs,which have historically run higher than industry standards in Rhode Island.软总成本下降整整百分比从38%到37%仅在过去六个月。Consulting costs dropped from 15 percent to 11 percent.""

Bridge Toll Facilities

"RIDOT executed a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA),making it clear that the federal government agrees with Rhode Island's program to implement bridge tolls on large commercial vehicles or"拖拉机拖车”而且它符合资格要求联邦法律。The Department has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) contract for the truck-only tolling program.RIDOT expects to award a contract in spring 2017.Construction of the tolling facilities will take approximately a year and half to build,达到完成到2018年底。”"


"RIDOT实现其历史上最大的重组搬到一个最佳实践项目管理结构。While Project Management is a standard best practice in the private sector,less than half of the state DOTs in the country have adopted a Project Management approach.The top three tiers of management at RIDOT are being managed by a new team.""

Rapid Bridge Construction

"在过去的两个周末关闭去年秋天,RIDOT取代了东部海岸高速公路东普罗维登斯和麦考密克采石场桥梁。These represent the culture of innovation and commitment to project delivery at RIDOT.""

Task Order Design Contracting

"RIDOT过渡到行业最佳实践的任务定单合同设计和工程支持。这种方法速度设计承包商允许RIDOT交付项目的采购成本更快和更有效。RIDOT has awarded 49 task order contracts,迄今为止,已经发布了18个任务订单,多数为桥梁设计工作。”"


"RIDOT applied for $59 million in federal FASTLANE funding to support the $226 million Route 6/10 and Interstate 95 Interchange Project.这个项目不仅包括更换北向的i - 95天意高架桥,but also will include improvements to greatly reduce traffic congestion and significantly improve safety.""


"为了保护通过RhodeWorks投资资金,RIDOT扩大维护功能的添加人员和新设备。yabo电竞app ios40个空行政职位转移到维护部门提供更多的外勤人员解决广泛的维修活动。部门为排水创造了专门人员检查和清洗,for installing pavement markings,和检查桥梁。Additionally,的部门正处于现代化和扩大其舰队通过近2000万美元的投资。”"


"RIDOT is developing a 10-year comprehensive plan to completely eliminate 亚博电竞官方网站annual fatalities associated with impaired driving.In the past year,the Department hosted the first Impaired Driving Summit at the Community College of Rhode Island's Knight Campus in Warwick,and launched a new initiative for unique and impactful safety messaging to motorists using its electronic highway message signs.""




"RIDOT犯下了超过1.1亿美元的10年计划。The Department has met and exceeded its requirement under a Consent Decree with the Environmental Protection Agency.A statewide inventory of all 16,000 drainage structures is more than half complete,亚博电竞官方网站年度排水检查和清洁速度三倍授权,改善排水系统和雨水控制计划和合同正在搜寻工作将于2018年春天开始。这个项目进行的结算与执法行动,United States v.罗德岛州运输部,代表美国Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act.""


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